Saturday, January 11, 2014

Followers of this Blog Please Take Note! Change of Address!

I know I just got on here and posted that I wasn't dead just the other day... but that wasn't entirely true. I am fine of course, a living, breathing person... but every time I sat down to write a new post for the blog, I stopped myself because I knew that the persona of the Goodwill Geek is being laid to rest this weekend.

I've been tossing around some ideas for a new blog lately, and this would require me dropping the Goodwill-laden image I have here. So I'm discontinuing the Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks blog. It will still be here to read, but I will pretty much be done creating new content for this blog after this final post.

R.I.P. Goodwill Geek.

So what's the new blog you may ask? Well let me tell you! is the name of the new joint, and it is going to end up being the sort of blog where I feel a little less restricted in what I talk about. I don't really restrict myself too much here, mind you... but when I don't keep the site focused on Goodwill purchases I sort of feel bad about it. Like I'm cheating on my blog. So the new site will still talk about junk I've picked up at Goodwill... it will just be so much more as well. 

And the Goodwill Geek persona? The mask and secret identity are being retired. I will NOT be taking up the moniker of Random Guy online... I'm just going to be blogging as myself from here on out. No reasons to hide anymore really. 

Just a small town boy and his big dreams...

So that's that. I'll be doing the rest of my blogging over at the Really Rather Random Guy blog, and I hope you'll all join me over there. I'm going to miss this old pastel green eyesore... but it'll still be around. I don't want to lose the last couple of years worth of blogging I've done by deleting it all so I'll leave it up and probably even post links to it from time to time when I'm feeling lazy. The RRRG will be participating in all of the League of Extraordinary Blogger posts when those start up again, and things will probably seem like business as usual with a slightly different color scheme, to be honest. 

So for the last time: I'll be back real soon with some Geeky Goodwill Goodies (albeit on a new blog) so until then... Happy Hunting!


  1. I did the same think when i docked the Cosmic Ark and ended my Jboypacman persona and i think it was the best thing i did starting up the Clawful Punch and just using my real name,John. You will love it Derek and i shall be adding your new blog to the Clawful Faithful Blog Roll Call and it's just exciting times now here in the Blog-O-Sphere. : )

  2. Mine is Monster Cafe Saltillo and I for SURE do not talk about only things in the restaurant. I wouldn't worry about it so. But you are changing so this point is moot. See ya over there.

  3. I think it's a great idea. Spread your wings - give you some elbow room. I'm looking forward to checking out the new blog. Good luck sir!

  4. nice idea for one can't stay at one site for ever for one would get stale after bit plus this way you get to spread out your creative wings. will visit

  5. Wow I die and go to the After Life and miss so much! I'm excited to see what new adventures you take us on and I will of course be following! And adding you to my list of awesome blogs to follow!


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